More Than 80 Being Tested for Covid-19 for Contact With Hungarian Man

More than 80 people are being tested for Covid-19 for suspected contact with a 70-year-old Hungarian man who was confirmed to have the disease two weeks after arriving in Cambodia, the Health Ministry said.

Most of the tests are for passengers who shared a flight with the man two weeks ago, while the man’s wife, a tuk-tuk driver and a taxi driver are also being tested. Others, such as the tuk-tuk driver’s wife and children as well as Angkor Enterprise workers who recently sold a painting to the man, are being asked to self-quarantine, but health authorities did not say whether they were being tested.

In a statement, the ministry said on Sunday that 84 passengers were on the flight with the Hungarian man, who arrived from France via South Korea on September 13. A rapid response team is contacting the other passengers for testing, it said.

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