More relief delivered to pandemic-hit Vietnamese Cambodians

About 200 relief packs were delivered to Vietnamese Cambodians and Khmer people in Cambodia, who are struggling to make ends meet because of COVID-19 and flooding, on September 5 morning.

This was the first delivery of the fourth phase of an emergency relief programme for Vietnamese Cambodians and Khmer people severely hit by COVID-19 in Cambodia. A total of 1,847 vulnerable families across nine Cambodian cities and provinces will receive the relief packs, each comprising 20 kg of rice, face masks, hand sanitizers and a plastic mat, during this phase.

According to Chairman of the Khmer-Vietnam Association in Cambodia Sim Chy, the programme has provided reliefs to about 5,000 affected Vietnamese Cambodian households. Its provincial chapters across Cambodia have also conducted awareness campaigns on preventive measures against the coronavirus targeting Vietnamese Cambodians, he said.

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