More Phnom Penh Residents Facing Possible Eviction

Dozens of villagers in Phnom Penh’s Russei Keo district are facing eviction after the National Cadastral Commission announced last week that a number of areas in Tuol Sangke commune are earmarked for future redevelopment.

The commission’s plans for new projects, including a road widening, were posted on the wall of a local school on April 25, leaving residents dismayed when they discovered their homes and businesses were inside areas set for construction.

The home of Pen Sothun will not be excised completely by the new measurements, but it has been re-demarcated to widen the road in front of his house, which will reduce the width of his land from 10 meters to just three.

“The road will extend to leave only my bathroom—how can I live like this? Where will I go?” he said, adding that authorities have not yet said what compensation they will offer for lost land.

Commune chief Soy Kosal said villagers have the right to file a complaint within the next 30 days if they are unhappy with plans.

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