More Khmer Krom Apply as KRT Civil Parties

The continued investigation of cases 003 and 004 by the Khmer Rouge tribunal’s international Co-Investigating Judge, Mark Harmon, is inspiring more Khmer Krom victims of the regime to apply to participate as civil parties in the proceedings, the Minority Rights Organization (MIRO) said Wednesday.

In a statement, the NGO, which works to “promote and defend the rights of Khmer Krom and ethnic minority groups in Cambodia,” said the sluggish pace of the proceedings has done little to deter victims from trying to take part in the government-opposed Cases 003 and 004, which Judge Harmon’s national counterpart, Judge You Bunleng, refuses to look into further.

“Despite the fact that the judgment of Case 002/001 will not officially be rendered until next year, the controversial Cases 003 and 004 are already being investigated by [Judge Harmon], inspiring more victims who are interested in filing their complaints to the ECCC to stand up, identify themselves and be involved with the investigation of the cases,” MIRO said.

It said staff have collected about 50 new victim information forms from communities in Battambang, Takeo and Pursat provinces to add to the 134 civil parties already participating in Case 002. It also urged Judge Bunleng to cooperate with Judge Harmon in impartially investigating the last two cases before the court.

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