Monks, Nuns From 10 Countries Celebrate Buddhism Festival

Monks, Nuns From 10 Countries Celebrate Buddhism Festival

Buddhist monks and nuns from 10 countries gathered yesterday in Phnom Penh’s Chaktomuk Conference Hall to celebrate Asia’s different Buddhist traditions.

Khem Sorn, Phnom Penh’s chief monk, said that the main purpose of the festival is to promote peace and unity among all the various sects of Buddhism. “We want to eliminate discrimination between different types of Buddhism and also other religions,” said Mr. Sorn, adding that during the festival leaders of the different Buddhist sects would have an opportunity to learn more about each other’s practices.

During the gathering, Bour Kry, head of the Thammayut order and Venerable Master Shi Dayuan of China led prayers for the throngs of monks and nuns.

About 800 attendants, including government officials from the Ministry of Cults and Religion, participated in yesterday’s opening ceremony. The event will come to a close on Saturday and will include a trip Angkor Wat temple.

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