Monk Threatened, Police Say

Three teen-agers were arrested in late February after they reportedly surrounded a monk’s apartment, buffeted it with stones and shouted death threats for up to 30 minutes, an official of Chamkar Mon district confirmed last week.

According to Mea Sopheap, chief of Tonle Bassac commune, police arrested three unnamed adolescents on Feb 25 at Wat Than, where the incident took place. Three other teen-agers had fled the scene, he said.

Monks at Wat Than said the attack took place after the venerable Men Vuthy advised six youths against riding a motorbike across a pile of sand located near his apartment window. Angered, the group began throwing rocks at the building and damaged two wooden shutters.

“This is the first such incident ever reported in this commune,” Meas Sopheap said. “The boys, all 17 years old, were immediately imprisoned and released into their parents’ custody 24 hours later.”

But the venerable Kol Sarath, acting abbot of Wat Than, said Monday the attack was the third since the beginning of the yea


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