Monk Defrocked After Affair

A 27-year-old monk at the capital’s Wat Srah Chok has been defrocked after the discovery of his month-long affair with a widowed cigarette vendor.

Fellow monks  saw the 45-year-old mother of six enter Yong Polak’s room at 8 pm Saturday. They became suspicious when the light went out and the woman failed to reappear.

The monks called Don Penh district police, who raided the room at 11 pm and took Yong Polak to another pagoda, Deputy Police Chief Vich Thon said Monday.

He said the couple had not actually been caught in the act.

The Venerable Non Nget, the Buddhist patriarch, ruled Sunday to strip the monk of his priestly position for violating Buddhist precepts and bringing dishonor to his  monastery.

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