Monday News Roundup

From Reuters in ABC News
Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen challenges US to cut all aid to his country
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has reportedly challenged the United States to cut all aid after it announced it was ending funding for a general election next year in response to the dissolution of the main opposition party.


From Asia Times
Will US, EU turn the heat on Hun Sen?
Momentum mounting in Washington and Brussels to sanction Cambodia’s anti-democratic crackdown, with measures likely to hit the crucial garment industry.


From Asian Correspondent
After CNRP dissolution, what happens next for Cambodia?
Last Thursday, the Supreme Court of Cambodia dissolved the only credible opposition party at the request of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government, effectively making the country a one-party state ahead of next year’s general election.


From Al Jazeera
World Toilet Day: Growing momentum for sanitation in Cambodia
Cambodia has been badly affected by people going to the toilet in the open, but is also cited as one of the most successful in getting people to install and use toilets.


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