Mobitel Service Helps Singles Make Friends

A new Mobitel Company phone promotion makes it easier for young men and women to introduce themselves to each other. Maybe too easy, some would say.

Women using the Mobitel 012 portable phone calling network can dial 3333 and record an introductory message, including a box number where interested listeners can leave messages. Another menu option allows women to check that box number for messages. Men can dial 1313 to record or receive messages, but are charged $0.25 a minute.

Another menu choice is a recorded message advising any girl under age 18 to talk with her parents before making a recording. It warns callers that any impolite language will cause the tape to be erased immediately. The message suggests any appointments made as a result of calls should be scheduled during the day and that you should bring friends. The message states the program is not responsible for anything that happens as a result of the calls.

Tive Sarayeth, co-director of the Women’s Media Center, is worried about what could happen. She’s afraid the program might stimulate youngsters to fall in love before they mature. She says such freedom should be matched with sexual education to ensure bad incidents don’t happen.

“For developed countries, [this] may be okay,” Tive Sarayeth said. “They can have the freedom to find partners because they are better educated and know what to do. But for Cambodia, we should be more careful because education is very low.”

Kith Meng, president of Royal Group, parent company of Mobi­tel, defended the program, calling it freedom of communication used by people on their own time. “It is only a chat,” Kith Meng said.

The following are examples of recorded messages left by callers:

“Hello to all gentle girls. I have worked for a private company as health worker. I am 170 [cm] tall and 65 kg of weight. I have participated in this program in order to find a good friend in my life. If any girl is interested, please send message to me.”


“Hello to all gentle friends. If you want to send messages to me, please send to [box number]. Don’t forget, I am happy to receive [your] message.”


“Hello. If you want to have friendship with me, please send message to [box number]. I will try to receive all your messages. Bye-bye.”




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