MobiTel In Every Province

MobiTel phones now work in every province in Cambodia, but phone users should expect to pay top dollar for the service, because there will be no discounts, said Pal Sitha, marketing manager for MobiTel.

“There are no low prices, and no discounts,” he said. “You cannot compare our price to other mobile phone companies, because [we provide] good quality.”

MobiTel vowed earlier this year to expand service to every Cambodian province before the end of 2000.

Officials said Thursday the latest expansion brings its investment in Cambodia to $30 million, with more to come.

But while a MobiTel phone will now work somewhere in each province, the company covers only 70 percent of Cambodia, which means there are still spots without service.

Company officials vowed to keep expanding during 2001.

They noted that the company offers e-mail, voice mail and text messaging, and plans to “further expand our network,” offering “new, innovative services.”



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