MobiTel, Gov’t Discuss New Calling Card

MobiTel and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications are negotiating the use of the re­cently launched CamPlus, a pre-paid international calling card that may require a license.

According to a July 15 letter signed by Minister So Khun, Mo­bi­Tel must “cease immediately the CamPlus service.”

“The illegal CamPlus service is still being offered without a li­cense,” the letter states.

Koy Kim Sea, undersecretary of state for the ministry, said negotiations were ongoing.

Kith Meng, chairman of Royal Group, which co-owns Mobi­Tel, said the card does not need a license since it extends services already offered.

The card rate is the same as the government’s rate, but it is more convenient for tourists, he said.

“It’s just a misunderstanding,” Kith Meng said of the letter.

MobiTel launched its CamPlus calling cards in March, but their dis­tribution has since stopped as or­dered by the ministry, he said.

As soon as the ministry ap­proves their use, they will be dispersed again, Kith Meng said.

The dispute should be resolved within a week, he said.


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