Mobile Capacity to Get Boost

The Ministry of Post and Tele­communications is expanding mobile phone capacity and conducting technical investigations into its internal phone system, officials said.

The developments come after last week’s phone congestion, when up to 40 to 50 percent of calls between mobile phones and land lines were rejected, according to Lar Narath, an undersecretary of state at the ministry.

Director of National Telecom Long Van Han claimed Tuesday that the ministry has increased phone capacity 60 percent since last week and will be continuing to increase capacity.

“We’re now fixing technical problems, blockage, and also discussing increasing capacity,” he said. The director said, however, that he did not know the cause of internal phone system problems or when they will be fixed.

Mobitel, one of four mobile phone operators in Cambodia, has been trying to adjust to the increased number of calls, the company general manager said. The company has sought additional capacity for several months because of in­creased demand, Iain Williams said Sun­day.

Early last week, traffic was 70 percent over the average, he said.

However, last week’s congestion was an extreme example of the dramatic increase in the number of people placing mobile phone calls. Since its launch last year, Mobitel has gained 15,000 subscribers—10,000 of whom use cell cards the company launched only five months ago.

Longer-range phone companies such as the Thai-Malaysian-owned Samart were not as affected by the recent congestion, Long Van Han said.

(Additional reporting by Touch Rotha)


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