Mob Kills 2 Men Accused of Stabbing Student

Amid a crime wave in the capital, a mob of more than 100 people in Phnom Penh took matters into their own hands Sunday and beat to death two men suspected of robbing and knifing a Dangkao district student, police said.

The mob descended on the two men around 1 pm in Dang­kao’s Chaom Chau commune, killing them with hoes and sticks, district police Chief Chhoup Sokheng said Monday. The men were known only by their nicknames Kor and Phea, and were believed to be in their 20s.

Chhoup Sokheng said the two lured student Huy Veasna, 19, into a vacant plot of land, where they tied his hands behind his back and stabbed him until he collapsed, aiming to steal his  motorbike.

As they made for the motorbike, Huy Veasna yelled for help, sending people nearby chasing after his attackers. The pursuit continued nearly 1 km before the mob seized the men and killed them, police said.

The crowd dispersed before police arrived, Chhoup Sokheng said. “We don’t know who killed the robbers, so we cannot arrest anyone,” he said.

Dangkao district Governor Krouch Phan said authorities had “educated” people not to use violence against offenders. “But in this particular case, the robbers were very cruel to the victim,” he said.

Last week, Municipal Penal Police Chief Reach Sokhon acknowledged an increase in crime in the city.


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