Mixed Trends in Commodities Prices

The price of rice, gasoline and meats in Phnom Penh’s markets has gone up since January, while the price of fish, vegetables and eggs has dropped, according to a Phnom Penh markets commodity price report released Tuesday by the Ministry of Commerce.

The price of rice increased from 2,620 riel, or about $0.65, per kg, in January, to an average price of 2,720 riel, or about $0.67, in April, the report states.

The most expensive rice in the city was at Central Market, where 1 kg sold for 2,800 riel, or about $0.69. Gasoline prices increased slightly from 5,150 riel, or about $1.28, per liter in January to 5,200 riel, or about $1.3.

The price of gasoline at Total stations was one cent higher at $1.31. The price of pork increased from a base of $4.58 per kilogram to an average price of $5.

As for the decreases, there was a significant drop in the price of beans, tomatoes and morning glory.

The price of smoked fish fell from $43 per kilogram to an average of $38. Duck eggs dropped from $1.46 per 10 eggs to $1.14, while chicken eggs fell from $1.24 to $1.02.


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