Ministry Plans Informational Computer Link Gov’t

The Ministry of Finance is planning to submit a proposal to the Council of Ministers to set up a computer commission that would create a network of computers linking all government ministries, Finance Ministry officials said at a information technology workshop Thursday.

“We have to conduct a collaborative strategy to provide information to each other,” Finance Minister Keat Chhon said. He added that Prime Minister Hun Sen would more easily be able to access the information he needs to run the country including the inventory, income, investment and payroll of ministries.

Keat Chhon acknowledged the upgrade would be expensive and that foreign assistance would probably be needed for the project but would not speculate on the exact cost. Currently information exists on isolated computers as well as on paper.

The minister said the commission would also decide on one official Khmer font for government use. Currently, the variety of fonts used from ministry to ministry is one of the barriers that prevents information from being shared electronically.

“It is important to create the commission to administer the government’s computers,” Keat Chhon said.


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