Ministry of Health Closes 2 Private Clinics in November

The Ministry of Health closed two private medical clinics last month, one over the death of a woman during childbirth and the other for using private ambulances for emergency response, a health official said yesterday.

Russey Keo Clinic, in Russei Keo district’s Kilometer Six commune, was closed Friday for alleged malpractice that led to the death of a woman while she was giving birth, said San Sary, director of the hospital service department at the Ministry of Health.

“It treated the patient with the wrong technique. We checked and we ordered it to temporarily close,” he said.

“If we find out that [the clinic] is absolutely wrong, we will order it to close [permanently], but if we find out the mistake is only slight, we will think about it again,” he added.

A man answering the telephone at Russey Keo Clinic, who declined to give his name, claimed the wo­man in question had come to his clinic for an abortion, and not to give birth.

“I insist that she did not die in my clinic,” he said, before putting a curse on a reporter.

“I put the curse on those who write articles about me to be struck by lightning, have their whole families die, their boats sunk and their houses burned,” he said before hanging up.

Bopha Meas clinic in Tuol Kok district’s Boeng Kak I commune, was closed permanently on Nov 12 over at least two violations of Health Ministry rules on private ambulances being used for emergencies, Mr Sary said.

“We informed, invited the owner for a meeting and warned the owner several times, but it did not stop,” Mr Sary said of the closure.


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