Ministry Looking for a Means of Regulating Cosmetic Surgery

The government has not yet licensed a single cosmetic surgery clinic in Cambodia yet there are a number that perform surgery, Min­istry of Health officials said yesterday during a workshop on eliminating illegal health services.

“There are many beauty shops and their ads boast that they are experts in surgery, but not one has been licensed yet,” said Tith Sour Sdey, deputy head of regulation and ethics in the hospital department of the Ministry of Health, adding that the Ministry has issued warnings to some places that have been advertising cosmetic surgery services.

“The advertisement is too exaggerated. They said they could even replace virginity. We have warned them many times to stop,” said San Sary, director of the hospital service department, by phone yesterday.

During yesterday’s workshop, Health Ministry officials named three beauty salons which had been warned multiple times to stop advertising themselves as licensed cosmetic surgery clinics: Phkay Prak, Davy Ariya, and Salina. But they said that they have not shuttered the clinics, or any others, as they have re­ceived no request from the public asking them to do so.

“We cannot close the mentioned shops since we don’t have anyone who has filed a complaint with us about their services and since we have no proof they are doing plastic surgery,” Dr Sary maintained.

Two of the three clinics, all of which are listed in the Yellow Pages as beauty salons, said they were performing cosmetic surgery when contacted yesterday.

“We are doing some slight sur­gery like rhinoplasty,” said a receptionist at Phkay Prak who declined to give a name, but claimed the clinic had permission from the ministry to perform the nose en­hancement surgery.

At Davy Ariya, the receptionist said they did “all kinds of surgery: Eye lids, eyebrows, mouth and breasts. We have a doctor who has experience and a certificate from China and Vietnam.”

And at Salina, a woman who an­swered the phone asked what surgery the caller wanted to have done, but then said there was no surgery performed at the clinic when she realized the caller was a journalist.


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