Ministry Issues Final Warning to Ban Alcohol Ads

The Information Ministry on Sunday issued a final warning to television and radio stations that have continued to flout a ban on broadcasting alcohol advertisements during prime time, saying they risk having their licenses suspended or even revoked.

“If any stations continue to broadcast alcohol advertisements [between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.], the Ministry of Information will suspend their licenses from two weeks to one month and then move on to revoke the license,” said a directive issued Sunday and signed by Information Ministry Secretary of State Huy Saravuth.

The ban on airing beer and liquor commercials during prime time—intended to reduce the number of fatalities that result from drunk driving—came into effect in October.

Huy Vannak, deputy director-general of the Cambodian News Channel (CNC), said that while he supports the ministry’s order, he expects advertising revenue to take a serious hit due to a lack of companies that advertise on television.

“I support this order and CNC has always complied with it,” Mr. Vannak said.

“But we consider the economic [impact], because our [advertising] market is quite small,” he said.

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