Ministry Delays Decision on Minimum Wage Vote

The Ministry of Labor announced Monday that a final vote on a new monthly minimum wage in the garment sector would be pushed back from Friday to sometime in November.

Unions and factories have set their negotiating positions on the floor wage at $177 and $110, respectively.

The minimum wage is currently set at $100 a month. Labor Minister Ith Sam Heng said last month that a new wage, set to take effect in January, would be put to a vote by the Labor Advisory Committee—composed of representatives of the government, unions and factories—no later than this week.

In a statement Monday, however, the Labor Ministry says the vote was postponed “to have enough time for the related parties to discuss and consider all angles to reach a consensus all parties can accept.”

The statement does not say exactly when in November the committee will convene.

Late last month, Ken Loo, secretary-general of the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia, said a decision would be made on October 10 “barring a catastrophe.”

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