Minister Urges Online Registration for SMEs

More than half a million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Cambodia will be en­couraged to register online with the government in an effort to strengthen tax collection, the industry minister said on Monday.

Speaking on the side­lines of the Industry and Hand­icrafts Ministry’s annual meeting, Cham Prasidh said that some 95 per­cent of SMEs in the country were not registered, making it difficult for the government to collect tax revenue.

“At least 80 percent have never paid taxes,” Mr. Prasidh said. “So how much will they pay when they are registered? Without tax revenue, in terms of economics, how can we pay salaries to employees, teachers, soldiers, doctors and road builders?”

He said that the ministry—which Prime Minister Hun Sen charged with registering SMEs in 2014—would teach firms how to use the online registration sys­tem.

Last month, the Ministry of Com­merce launched an online bus­iness registration portal for larger firms as part of its ongoing efforts to streamline registration and curb bri­bery.

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