Mini skirts and other ‘inappropriate’ clothing may soon be banned in Cambodia

Cambodian women took to social media to protest the pending law by posting photos of themselves wearing "inappropriate" clothing with the hashtag #mybodymychoice.

Cambodia is seeking to sign into law a legislation that would ban its citizens from wearing inappropriate clothing. The government recently drafted this legislation to regulate men’s and women’s clothing in a move to keep “public order.”

The draft is under Article 36 or the Law on Public Order which, if approved, would ban women from wearing clothing that is” too short” or ” too see-through.” Likewise, men are not exempt from this law as it would also prohibit men from going out in public without a shirt. It also aims to moderate how much noise and ruckus people get into in public. The law is set to take effect next year.

Cambodian women have since taken to social media to express their dissent against the pending legislation by posting photos of themselves wearing short and sheer clothing as well as skimpy swimwear.

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