Millions of dogs butchered cruelly in Cambodia for horror meat market

The true extent of Cambodia's dog meat trade is today laid bare as the Sunday Express reveals that millions of dogs are being killed to fulfil the growing demand for their meat.

Cages stuffed with man’s best friend, some infected with rabies, were discovered lining the floor of a dark and foul-smelling shed near Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. At the end of the dungeon, covered in cobwebs, are giant concrete tubs known as drowning pits. A young macaque sits chained above the putrid water. As cages of dogs are brought to the pit, the monkey watches. Realising their fate, the animals cry out in terror before they are hauled up and dunked. The water bubbles and churns, as the dogs fight in vain to survive. Finally, it turns still. And then the process is repeated, cage after cage, day after day.

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