Military Police Officer Admits His Vehicle Killed Two People

A military police officer admitted Sunday that his vehicle was involved in a fatal hit-and-run that killed two people last month, but said he wasn’t inside his Toyota Tundra when the accident occurred.

A pickup truck slammed into two motorbikes near the intersection of Norodom and Mao Tse Toung Boulevards on May 30, killing Khiem Neary, 41, and Sean Veasna, 23. Nguon Ousa, 26, was sent to Calmette Hospital with severe injuries.

The driver of the car escaped on foot and is yet to be identified.

Phnom Penh police tracked the vehicle’s military license plates and filed a court complaint asking for cooperation from the Ministry of Defense.

Lieutenant Colonel Or Sim, who said he has been negotiating compensation with the victims, confirmed by telephone Sunday that police had tracked down his vehicle.

“It was my car, but a security guard had used it and caused the accident,” Lt. Col. Sim said. “I am solving the problem with the victim’s family and this case will end soon.”

Lt. Col. Sim identified himself as the assistant of General Sao Sokha, National Military Police commander.

“I am assistant to the boss,” he said, confirming that he was referring to Gen. Sokha.

But Mr. Sokha denied Mr. Sim was his assistant.

“This man is not my assistant, but if he claimed himself as my assistant, he must also face the law,” Mr. Sokha said.

National military police spokesman Kheng Tito said Mr. Sim in fact works at the development department in the National Military Police.

“Mr. Sim is really working in the National Military Police, but he is not assistant to Excellency Sao Sokha,” Brigadier General Tito said.

Phuon Yi, the mother of Sean Veasna, said she spoke with Mr. Sim last week and requested $15,000 in compensation.

“The man [Mr. Sim] told us that he’s only a representative of driver and cannot make decisions, but said he will bring this request to the driver,” she said.

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