Military Police Arrest Former Consul to Vietnam

Military police arrested the former consul-general to Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday for allegedly providing fraudulent documents to a trader exporting timber to Vietnam, a senior official said.

Taing Sok Ngy, 36, who is still a senior official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was arrested at a Phnom Penh restaurant for forging a document to authorize a business transaction across the border, said Colonel Pou Davy, deputy commander for the municipal military police.

He declined to name the business in question or its owner, and would not elaborate on Mr. Sok Ngy’s ties to the company.

“We enforced the warrant of the court” to arrest him, Col. Davy said.

“The court charged him with providing a fraudulent public document.”

He said Phnom Penh Municipal Court Judge Keo Mony issued an arrest warrant to detain Mr. Sok Ngy, who he said had only recently finished his appointment to the mission in Ho Chi Minh City.

“He is being detained at the municipal military police office,” he said.

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