Military Police Arrest Farmer With 2,000 Meth Pills

Military police in Battambang province on Wednesday arrested a suspected drug dealer and confiscated about 2,000 methamphetamine pills from his home on a farm along the Thai border, an official said.

After investigating Sok Thea, 30, over the course of several weeks, military police arrested him on his cassava farm in Batambang province’s Sampov Loun district on Wednesday morning, said deputy district military police commander Anh Kamal, adding that the officers had posed as villagers who wanted to purchase the pills from him.

“We arrested Sok Thea…who is a drug distributor to farmers in Sampov Loun district, close to the Cambodian-Thai border,” he said.

Mr. Kamal said Mr. Thea brought the pills to his farm in Santepheap commune from his father’s house in Battambang City, adding that the suspect would be transferred to the provincial military police headquarters for further questioning and that the authorities were searching for his father.

He said the pills were found in Mr. Thea’s house on the farm, inside a box that contained several smaller boxes, each with about 100 pills.

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