Military Halts Plans to Move 10 KR Tanks to Battambang

Ten tanks formerly used by the the Khmer Rouge which were scheduled to be sent to Battam­bang Province this month will not be moved until the dry season, officials said Thursday.

General Mean Sarin, deputy commander of the RCAF infantry, however, maintained that the tanks should moved sometime within the next two weeks.

Currently residing at Brigade 22 headquarters in Pailin, the tanks’ forthcoming relocation is part of a nationwide plan to consolidate all infantry tanks into regional bases for repairs, according to Chea Saran, deputy commander of the RCAF infantry.

But the word from Pailin is the plan is stalled. Proper “road conditions are unavailable for tanks in the rainy season,” said Chhun Nhib, commander of Brigade 22 and a former Khmer Rouge commander. “They might destroy roads and small bridges.”

He denied any other motive for keeping the tanks. “We are not worried about giving former Khmer Rouge tanks to the government. We are RCAF and [we are] in the government, so we have to respect the order. We agreed to hand them over to the infantry unit, but the road is the problem,” he said.

An RCAF officer in charge of tanks said Wednesday that the tanks should be able to be moved by road within the next couple of weeks.


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