Men Charged With Child Sex Crimes Named

Local human rights group Lic­ad­­ho on Thursday released a list of foreigners charged with sex crimes involving children since 1998.

Although its use has not yet been determined, the list of 41 foreign men convicted or charged with debauchery, rape, porn­ography or prostitution with children in Cambodia may be distributed to foreign embassies or foreign law enforcement officials, Lic­ad­ho Director Naly Pilorge said Thursday. The cases were compiled by Licadho and two partner NGOs from case studies and newspaper re­ports.

“The scary part is the fear of ped­o­philes from outside of Cam­bodia targeting Cambodia specifically to exploit Cambodian kids,” Pilorge said.

Of the 41 men named, only 11 are listed to have been convicted as charged.

In three cases, suspects were recorded as being de­tained abroad. Some six cases may still be pending in court. That leaves about 21 cases that were unresolved, according to the list.

Also included in the list are notes associated with certain cases, including some colorful statements, such as: “Arrested at a hotel room with girl; claimed he was teaching her meditation and that he could not have raped her because he is im­potent.”

Suspects hailed from Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

While the list protects the rights of victims, Cambodian De­fender’s Project Executive Direct­or Sok Sam Oeun said it could hin­der the rights of those who were only charged but not convicted of crimes. “If we publish a list like that, it has a little bit of impact on [the suspect’s] rights…because everybody has integrity,” he said Thurs­day.


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