Meas Muth Falls Ill, Treated in Phnom Penh, Thailand

War crimes suspect Meas Muth was treated in both Phnom Penh and Thailand last week for diabetes and heart disease, his nephew said Friday.

Meas Muth, the former commander of the Khmer Rouge Navy, was formally charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity last week, and his nephew said the stress of being accused of such serious crimes had led to a decline in his uncle’s health.

“Now he is sick; he has heart disease and diabetes and other diseases,” said Soun Bunthoeun, who lives with his uncle in Battambang province’s Samlot district.

Mr. Bunthoeun said Meas Muth was treated at the Thai-owned Royal Phnom Penh Hospital in the capital last week, and was then sent to Thailand’s Trat province for three days of further care before returning to Samlot.

“A few days ago, he went for medical treatment at Royal Phnom Penh, and now he has just arrived back from Trat,” he said.

“A few days ago, he was better, but today he relapsed to his old sickness due to [being charged.]”

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