MARL Class X wraps up two-year experience

Class X of the Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership (MARL) program has finished its two-year seminar, and four southwest Minnesota participants are ready to bring their new knowledge back to their communities.

MARL Class X traveled across the state to learn about agriculture in other areas and network with its 30 class members from varying ag backgrounds. They also took a one-week trip to Washington, D.C. to learn about how agriculture interacts with public policy, and a two-week trip to Cambodia and Taiwan for international exposure to the global food supply chain.

Local Class X members include Matt Altman, product manager at JBS Worthington and owner of Five Pine Cattle Co.; Danielle Evers, Southwest Minnesota certification specialist with the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program and Pipestone Soil and Water Conservation District; Krista Kopperud, owner of Painted Prairie Vineyard in Currie; and Grant Crawford, bovine nutritionist with Merck Animal Health. The four shared what they learned from their MARL experience and how they will use it in their careers and communities.

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