Man Shoots at Cars After Football Match

Two men on a motorbike, one carrying a K-54 pistol, en­tered Old Stadium after a football match Tuesday morning and fired into the air after shooting at nearby cars, police and witnesses said.

Daun Penh district Deputy Police Chief Huy Song said the shooter and motorcycle driver were believed to be students of one of the competing uni­versities.

Build Bright University had earlier lost the football match to rival Norton University.

Though traffic and military police were on the scene, they did not dare to arrest the two men be­cause they feared they might be the sons of powerful families, said one traffic police officer who witnessed the shooting.

The game had been over for almost half an hour, and spectators were beginning to depart, when the two young men ap­peared, driving their motorbike the wrong way around the traffic circle near the stadium, a witness said, speaking on condition of ano­nymity.

He said the men drove past two traffic police as they went around the circle, firing shots into a car.

The traffic officer confirmed the story, saying he saw a young man suddenly stop his car on the way out of the stadium and run from his vehicle moments before the two men rode up and shot out the windows. “If he’d stayed in his car, he would have been killed,” the officer said.

The men then drove past five military police guarding the stadium entrance, and one of them dismounted and fired a shot into the air, witnesses said.

According to the traffic officer, he shouted: “I can kill everyone, nobody here dares to arrest me.”

“If military police had tried to arrest them, they could not have run away,” the officer said.

But, he added, “They are not afraid of police or military police. We cannot do anything against them.”

Huy Song said two cars were damaged in the incident, but no one was injured.


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