Man Murdered, Daughter Tortured at Kampot Home

Police in Kampot province are investigating the murder of a rice farmer and torture of his grown daughter, who was found lashed to a bed on Wednesday as her father’s body lay beneath it, an official said.

Huy Tho, 34, was untied and brought to the hospital after neighbors heard her calling for help on Wednesday morning from the house she shared with her father in Kompong Trach district’s Kompong Trach Khang Lech commune, according to deputy commune police chief Buth Orng.

Her dead father, Phim Khon, 60, was found under the bed, his corpse covered in cuts and bruises.

Mr. Orng said investigators believed the attack was carried out on Tuesday night by multiple suspects and motivated by revenge, noting that nothing was taken from the house.

“We will know more clearly what happened when Huy Tho recovers,” he said, explaining that the woman could not yet speak due to the severity of her injuries, which included cuts on her face and severe bruising on her body.

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