Man Kills Nephew After Argument Over Singing

A man accused of drunkenly stabbing his teenage nephew to death was charged with murder Monday by the Kandal Provincial Court, police and court officials said.

Pon Pot, 28, was arrested on Sunday after he attacked his nephew, Pon Pich, 18, at their home that afternoon in Ponhea Leu district’s Phnom Bat commune, deputy district police chief Chey Sroung said.

The altercation began when Pon Pich came into the house singing, the police official explained.

“The suspect asked the victim, Pon Pich, ‘Why are you singing a song?’ The victim, Pich, replied to Pot, ‘I’ll just sing my song and don’t you worry about it—just eat your lunch,’” Mr. Sroung said.

Angered by this retort, Mr. Pot punched and kicked his nephew, knocking him briefly unconscious. When the teenager awoke, he enraged his uncle again by asking,

“Why did you hit me?” the police official said.

“The drunken uncle was angry with his nephew’s question and went to attack his nephew again, but his nephew ran out to ask others for help,” Mr. Sroung said.

Mr. Pot chased after his nephew, who ran outside to where his grandfather was building bamboo fishing baskets.

“The suspect then took the knife from his father and stabbed his nephew three times,” Mr. Sroung said, adding that he was charged with murder by the provincial court Monday.

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