Man Kills Girlfriend for Making Salad Slowly

Police in Takeo province are searching for a man who killed his girlfriend on Tuesday evening after he became angry at her for failing to prepare a beef salad for his party guests in a timely manner, an official said Wednesday.

Iem Chandara, 25, a heroin addict with a history of violence, slit the throat of his longtime girlfriend, Chim Phally, 24, inside their shared stilt house in Tram Kak district at about 6 p.m. while friends and relatives he had invited to the party sat below, according to deputy district police chief Sok Sochea.

He said that Mr. Chandara, who had been drinking since the early afternoon, had ordered Chim Phally to prepare a raw-beef salad for the guests and became irate when she failed to make it quickly.

The suspect then slapped his girlfriend and followed her upstairs into their bedroom, he said.

“Then, 10 minutes later, he slit her throat using a small knife and then jumped from the window to escape.”

Mr. Sochea said the guests noticed blood dripping through the floorboards above them at the same time Mr. Chandara jumped to the ground and ran away.

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