Man Kidnapped in Thailand Released in Cambodia

A Cambodian-Chinese citizen was reportedly kidnapped on November 10 in Bangkok before being smuggled into Cambodia and released here on Friday, Thai media reported over the weekend.

Businessman Chen Ji, 27, who holds a Cambodian passport, was abducted in the Pratunam area of Bangkok on Tuesday, The Nation newspaper reported Sunday.

Bangkok Metropolitan Police Bureau’s chief of investigations, Sombat Milintachinda, told The Nation that Mr. Ji’s captors—who demanded 100 million baht (about $3 million) in ransom—smuggled him into Cambodia on Friday through a border checkpoint in Thailand’s Sa Kaeo province and released him.

Mr. Sombat told the Bangkok Post on Sunday that four or five suspects abducted Mr. Ji and that closed-circuit-TV footage revealed an operation that was “quite professional.”

Both newspapers quote Mr. Sombat as saying that Mr. Ji is currently in Phnom Penh and expected to return to Bangkok today to give his account to Thai authorities.

Neither newspaper said whether the ransom was paid. Koy Kuong, spokesman for the Cambodian Foreign Affairs Ministry, said he was unaware of the case.

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