Man Fires Rifle in Rage After Music Turned Off

An argument over loud music broke out at a wedding in Kampot province on Monday, resulting in shots being fired but not casualties, police said Tuesday.

The wedding party was taking place in Toek Chhou district’s Kandorl commune on Monday night when, at about 10 p.m., the groom’s relatives turned off music that was blasting through loud-speakers because it was getting late, said Sam Ouk, district police chief.

This decision angered one of the guests, a man police named only as Reth, who demanded the music be turned back on. When his protests to restart the music went unheeded, the suspect went to fetch his assault rifle.

“The suspect [Reth] was angry so he went to his car, got an AK-47, returned to the party and fired into the ground more the 10 times,” Mr. Ouk said. He then jumped back in his car and sped off. Police are now looking to arrest him, Mr. Ouk said.

Violence at wedding parties is a common occurrence in Cambodia, with fights between young inebriated men breaking out and often with lethal consequences.

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