Man Dies After Fight With Factory Guards in Kandal

Police are investigating the death of a man in Kandal province early Tuesday after he was seen fighting with factory security guards in Ang Snuol district on Monday.

District penal police chief Thach Sovanna said that Sok Kinin, 25, who drove workers to and from the QMI garment factory, was seen scuffling with factory guards on Monday evening while waiting to pick up a load of passengers.

“According to workers, they said they saw the victim and security guards tussling. But no one said they saw him being beaten,” Mr. Sovanna said, adding that it was unclear whether the driver died of causes related to the incident.

“Based on the autopsy by doctors and experts, they found that the victim died of a seizure. There were no wounds, injuries or marks on the body,” he said, adding that police would continue to investigate.

Sok Kinin’s father, Sok Veng, 53, said workers at the factory told him that his son was attacked by the guards after refusing to move his van.

“They started to have an argument,” he said.

“They said my son said something rude to them, and then they grabbed his clothes and used an electric cattle prod to shock him. If they hadn’t shocked him, he may not have died.”

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