Man Charged With Rape of 12-Year-Old in K Cham

Kompong Cham Provincial Court charged a 69-year-old man yesterday with raping a 12-year-old girl on Friday in the province’s Kroch Chhmar district, police said. Kroch Chhmar police arrested the suspect, Eav Soeun, on Sunday after they received a complaint from the vic­tim’s mother.

During questioning, the suspect confessed to raping the young girl, as well as threatening to kill her if she told anyone about the attack. Provincial prosecutor Huot Vuthy said a medical examination corroborated the confession.

The suspect said he raped the girl on Friday afternoon in a forest close to her school, after persuading her away from the school by promising to buy her cake. Police said the suspect was able to persuade the 12-year-old to accompany him be­cause he and the victim’s family are neighbors.

Pol Ham, spokesman for the Human Rights Party, confirmed that the suspect is a local acti­vist for the party in Kroch Chhmar. “This is a personal problem, not a party problem,” Mr Ham said.

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