Man, Boy Killed, Children Injured by Lightning

A man and a boy were killed by lightning and four children were injured in two separate cases in Battambang province Tuesday, police said.

In the first case, Morng Vichhai, 31, was killed instantly when he was struck by lightning while riding on a trailer with another man in a light rainstorm, said Ven Savan, head of Banan district police’s security section.

In the other case, Noeum Ponlork, 12, was killed when lightning struck as he was leaving school at about 4:30 p.m. in Bavel district’s Boeng Bram commune, according to district police chief Oeum Tith.

Noeum Ponlork died instantly when he was struck inside the Boeng Thung Primary School compound, Mr. Tith explained.

Four other children—Paet Pi, 9, Heng Srey Srors, 11, Nom Srey Khoun, 13, and Koem Ya, 12—had been standing nearby Noeum Ponlork and were injured.

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