Man Batters English Woman at Nightclub

A 25-year-old Cambodian student was arrested after reportedly beating an English aid worker over the head with a beer bottle at the popular nightclub Heart of Darkness early Wednes­day, police said.

Daun Penh district police ar­rested the suspect, Kith Thara, at the bar im­mediately after the incident, district police Chief Phan Pheng said.

“He beat an English woman, but the injury is not serious. She went to Calmette Hospital in the morn­ing and was already re­leased,” Phan Pheng said.

The confrontation began around 2:30 am, when a group of about four men went into the bar and sat at a table near the disc jockey’s booth, according to a Daun Penh police officer who par­ticipated in the arrest.

Police were no sure of the woman’s name.

The officer said the woman, 36, stood on a chair at the men’s table to get the disc jockey’s attention and request music.

Kith Thara, a student at the National Institute of Manage­ment, grew angry and shouted at the woman, who shouted back, he said.

The ar­gument escalated when she grabbed Kith Thara by the lapel, prompting him to break his beer bottle over her head, the officer said.

Her head was bleeding—but not severely—and the woman did not ask for monetary compensation, the officer said, though she re­quested that her attacker be punished by the courts.

Police plan to file the necessary documents with the court today and will charge the suspect with assault, Phan Pheng said.

Heart of Darkness manager Ko Ma declined to comment, saying that he did not see the incident.

The Heart of Dark­ness was the scene of a rash of armed in­cidents in 2003, but none have been re­ported so far this year.


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