Man Arrested for Trying To Smuggle Meth in Soup

A visitor who tried to smuggle crystal methamphetamine to a convict in a bag of soup was arrested in the Kratie Provincial Prison on Tuesday, police said.

“The drug suspect, Ty Seiha, was arrested when he took his food, with crystal meth hidden in the soup, to one prisoner in Kratie prison,” deputy provincial police chief Kong Vannarith said, adding that the 25-year-old suspect was now in the custody of anti-drug police and would be taken to the provincial court today.

“It’s the first time that our prison guards found drugs hidden within the vegetables in the soup,” said Keo Chanthy, chief of anti-drug police in Kratie.

Earlier this year, prison guards found drugs hidden among water grass vegetables that were delivered to the prison, but only after the delivery man had left the scene, Mr. Chanthy said.

Other people have been arrested this year for failed attempts to smuggle drugs into prisons, including meth pills hidden in green beans and bags of meth inside a lotion bottle.

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