Mam Sonando to Form Party to Stand in Election

Mam Sonando, the owner of Beehive Radio, said Wednesday that he would revive his long-dormant political party, the Beehive Democratic Society Party, to stand in the next national election after becoming   disenchanted with the opposition CNRP.

“I have a plan to create a new party because I stopped believing in the Cambodia National Rescue Party,” Mr. Sonando said. Mr. Sonando founded the party to stand in the 1998 election, but disbanded it after failing to win any National Assembly seats.

He plans to submit documents to the Interior Ministry to officially reregister the party in September or October after holding a party congress.

“Before, I joined and supported the CNRP, but then I observed that the leaders of the CNRP do not have the ability to lead the CNRP and they promised the people a lot, but cannot do it,” he added.

CNRP spokesman Yim Sovann said that Mr. Sonando was welcome to his opinions, but that he did not expect the radio station owner to have an impact at the ballot box.

“This is not anything new for Mr. Mam Sonando, because he created a party in the past, but he did not get any seats,” Mr. Sovann said.

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