Maid Warned Over Baby Assault; Heading Home

Singaporean police have issued a warning to a Cambodian maid who allegedly struck an infant in her care, according to the Cambodian Embassy in Singapore.

The woman, Chhom Srey Neang, will be repatriated on Monday, according to recruitment agency Philimore Cambodia, along with two other Cambodians who had also been engaged in the Labor Ministry’s pilot project to open a channel for domestic workers to the city-state. 

“She has decided to return home after receiving the Singapore Police’s Notice of Warning,” Cambodian ambassador to Singapore Cheth Naren said via email.

It remains unclear why the two others are returning home.

The written warning, which came after Ms. Srey Neang’s employer complained to police, said: “You are hereby warned to refrain from such conduct or other criminal conduct. If you commit any offense in future, the same leniency may not be shown towards you,” according to Mr. Naren.

Ms. Srey Neang, along with the two others who will return on Monday, went to Singapore as part of a project aiming to send 400 domestic maids there.

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