Low-Ranking Police, Soldiers to See Salary Increases

Low-ranking police and soldiers will see their salaries increased before the start of Khmer New Year in mid-April, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced Monday.

Speaking at the inauguration of a new hydroelectric dam in Koh Kong province, Mr. Hun Sen said members of the National Police with the rank of staff sergeant would receive a 35.3-percent raise from 473,000 riel (about $118.25) a month to 640,000 riel (about $160) per month, while the lowest-ranking soldiers would see their monthly salaries increased from 355,000 riel (about $88.75) to 533,000 riel (about $133.25).

Both groups also receive monthly rice rations, which will continue.

The salary boost will coincide with previously announced raises for the lowest-paid civil servants as well as for teachers and medical staff, all of whom Mr. Hun Sen said would start receiving their new wages in April.

“We have to set up a salary system to pay armed forces, police, and civil servants at the same time,” Mr. Hun Sen said.

“In April the salaries will be paid before Khmer New Year. Cash [flow] issues will not be a challenge for us.”


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