Local Businessman’s Daughter Testifies in Murder-Plot Case

A daughter of wealthy businessman Khaou Chuly yesterday testified at Phnom Penh Mun­icipal Court in the case of his wife’s alleged failed plot to kill the wife and daughter of Sun Chan­thol, the vice chairman of the Coun­cil for the Deve­lopment of Cambodia.

Chan Sokha, 38, Neang Sinat, 25, Yean Sothearith, 25, Sok Lak, 30, and Mr Chuly’s wife, Khaou Seng Chanda, are all accused of the attempted murder of Mr Chanthol’s wife, Sun Sotha, who is the daughter of Mr Chuly.

The plot was reportedly aborted when Mr Chanthol’s wife woke up and shut an open door and windows.

Khaou Chulasady, the eldest daughter of Khaou Chuly, said her sister, Ms Sotha, had previously told her of a plot to kill her and her daughter.

“Ms Seng Chanda never had a dispute with me. But my siblings said before that Ms Seng Chanda was not a good person and she had bad intentions for her family,” she said.

Ms Chulasady also testified that she visited Ms Sokha and Ms Sinat in prison and gave them $100, but it was not to influence their testimony.

“I gave $100 each to Ms Sokha and Ms Sinat because they both served my father before, and I pity them. I did not give them mo­ney to close their mouths,” she said.

Kar Savuth and Lim Vanna, lawyers for Ms Seng Chanda, said that according to the testimony of the suspects, along with many witnesses’ accounts, the whole affair was a set-up.

“It is a set-up case. It is a false accusation, because Ms Sokha and Ms Sinat told the court that it was set up by Sun Chanthol, and said that my client, Ms Seng Chanda, did not order them to commit this crime,” Mr Savuth said.

“Their invented evidence is in­consistent, and their real evidence is not logical.”

Presiding Judge Sin Visal said the trial would continue on Jan 26.


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