‘Living with COVID’ Cambodia jumps to 2nd in Nikkei Recovery Index

Cambodia vaulted to second place in the latest edition of Nikkei’s COVID-19 Recovery Index, from 22nd in December, after the Southeast Asian nation declared it would start to live with coronavirus about three months ago.

The Philippines, on the other hand, slipped 45 places to 104th after the omicron variant drove an explosion in cases, though its outlook may be brightening as infections drop.

The index assesses countries and regions on infection management, vaccine rollouts and social mobility. The higher the ranking, the closer a place is to recovery, characterized by fewer infections, bigger inoculation rates and less-strict social distancing measures. The latest ranking reflects conditions up to the end of January.

In full: https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/COVID-19-Recovery-Index/Living-with-COVID-Cambodia-jumps-to-2nd-in-Nikkei-Recovery-Index

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