Lightning Kills 160, Injures 136 So Far This Year

A total of 160 people have been killed by lightening so far this year, compared to 114 in the whole of 2010, while 136 others have been injured, said Keo Vy, deputy director of the information department at the National Disaster Management Committee.

Two of those victims were a 29-year-old man who was killed and 13-year-old boy who was injured off the coast of Kep City while they were fishing on Thursday.

“The lightning struck the victim on his chest and when the body was checked it was covered in bruises and his hair had been charred,” said Mom Sitha, Kep City police chief.

Nhang Thoeun was traveling in the boat with three others when the bolt struck him, narrowly avoiding the two others who were on board and smashing a lamp positioned near the vessel’s motor.

Mr Sitha said that he had informed residents in Kep City about the dangers associated with working outside during rainstorms.

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