Letter to the Editor: Vote for Honest and Good Commune Chiefs

After reading CPP lawmaker Suos Yara’s letter, “New CNRP Slogan Deserves More Scrutiny” (March 13), readers may be forgiven for laughing out loud. How could a slogan break a party or steal supporters?

—Letter to the Editor—

There are more important issues: Have commune chiefs done wrong? Have they been good enough as people and as public servants? Have they been neglectful in addressing and tackling concrete local issues? Have they been responsive and accountable to citizens?

As a citizen and a voter, I would like to suggest our own slogan: “Vote for an honest and good commune chief.” It is within the right of every voter to insist upon the merit and conduct of commune chiefs to be honest, accountable, engaging, problem-solving and responsive.

This slogan should be seen as having no political affiliation or tendency.

Any commune chief or even parliamentarian must work hard to earn the public’s respect and trust by making genuine efforts to address and tackle concrete issues, and by performing their roles and obligations openly and transparently.

Full access to information, extensive public consultation and vigorous, open debate over local issues would significantly enhance elected officials’ credibility and support.

And I should be forgiven—if not encouraged—for expressing how I think communes and even this country ought to be governed.

Chan Sotheavuth

Phnom Penh

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