Letter to the Editor: Sam Rainsy Postures From Overseas as His Party Falls Apart

I read the article “Rainsy Threatens to ‘Crush’ Election Holdouts; Analysts Scoff,” (December 19), with the judgement that opposition leader Sam Rainsy is creating an illusion and inflaming the public to give false hope in his leadership.

—Letter to the Editor—

In fact, we all know that Mr. Rainsy is a desperate fugitive and a serial loser who has lost national elections four times and will never win in his lifetime.

Today, his fragile political party, the CNRP, is falling apart while he stays overseas to escape jail time. Many great leaders in the world were not afraid of being jailed for what they believed in, but Mr. Rainsy does not have any belief in himself or his party.

Mr. Rainsy is a weak leader from an elitist background who does not speak the language of the common people, apart from insults. Because of this weakness, he decided to bow down and shake hands with Kem Sokha, who also has no integrity and morality to be a leader.

Mr. Rainsy’s words threatening to use the armed forces to crush a so-called “bunch of rebels” aligned with the CPP and opposing a theoretical CNRP government reflect more about him and his loser party than anyone else.

Mr. Rainsy should speak a language of healthy democracy and be a man of his word. Rather than talking about creating another war in the future, he must find the courage to face his own fear, cowardice and prison sentence.

Huy Vannak
Undersecretary of State
Ministry of Interior

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