Letter to the Editor: All News With Favor, When Covering Trump

The motto on the front page of The Cambodia Daily proclaims: “All the News Without Fear or Favor.” Unfortunately this is not true—for many months, the newspaper has devoted itself to criticizing, mocking and ridiculing the man who is now president of the U.S., Donald Trump.

—Letter to the Editor—

The full page op-ed “Trump’s Divisive Political Style as President Creating Chaos” (February 21) together with a cartoon showing the White House and the word “LIE” in large letters above it (Ha ha funny. No, not really) is typical.

On Monday, the Daily published a long article explaining why Trump is NOT responsible for the recent spurt in U.S. economic growth. What next—articles explaining why he is NOT responsible for U.S. Oscar winners and NOT responsible for U.S. gold medal winners?

Without any political experience, Mr. Trump has been put in charge of a vast land with hundreds of millions of people. He was voted in on the basis that he would shake up a very stale, smug and elitist political environment.

It is natural that he will make mistakes in his initial efforts. If the Daily is to continue reporting on the minutiae of U.S. politics under the mistaken belief that its readership in Cambodia is interested in such things (It is not—last I heard, Cambodia was not part of the U.S.), at least do so in an impartial manner.

The current low standard of biased reporting being demonstrated has become very tedious indeed. 

Robert Dagge

Phnom Penh

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