Letter-to-Editor: Media and Gov’t Need to Work Hand-in-Hand

I have mixed feelings and interest in reading the article “Hun Sen Hijacks Forum to Scold the Media” (May 12).

First of all, I would like to thank Prime Minister Hun Sen for providing his comments and feedback to journalists and the media as a whole. As professional journalists, we have a slogan: “We are not afraid to criticize, nor are we afraid to be criticized.”

—Letter to the Editor—

We thank the prime minister because his input can help improve the quality of our reporting and it can remind journalists to stand by their professional practices and try to be balanced and not take sides in any stories.

Nevertheless, we should understand that in a democratic society independent media and journalists should be able to do their work based on their professional principles and beliefs. We should also understand that for a democracy to flourish, the government needs robust criticism and scrutiny from the media and the general public.

Finally, we hope that the media and government will continue to work with each other with mutual understanding to fulfill the public’s right to know.

Moeun Chhean Nariddh is the Director of the Cambodia Institute for Media Studies,

Phnom Penh

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